What You Must Consider When Building A Carport

Carports don’t just provide shade for your vehicles. They can also add additional value to your Melbourne property as well as increase the aesthetic appearance of your house. Carports provide effective and affordable protection to your car from sun damage and other weather conditions. This makes it a must have structure for the Melbourne climate.

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If you’re curious about building a carport, it’s always advisable to ensure you take steps to plan everything out before hand. You should decide on whether you’re looking for a single or double carport, your available budget and the intended location for the shelter.

Once you’ve decided on a location, the next step is to consider which material you would like to use. Here in Melbourne, there are essentially two types of material that are commonly used.

1. Steel Carports

Steel carports are probably the most expensive type of carport you can build. The advantage of a steel carport is that they are very durable, and not easily broken or chipped. They offer the sturdiest carport design and is something to consider if that is where your priorities lie.

It does take longer to install a steel carport which means you’ll need a larger budget. You also have to consider that you have less flexibility when it comes to the actual design of the carport. Steel can also rust which will mean you need to consider additional maintenance costs and rust can also affect the carport’s appearance.

 2. Timber Carports

Timber carports offer the most flexibility in terms of aesthetics. This is because wood is a very easy material to work with. Timber carports are much easier to assemble which means it takes less time to install one on your property.

Because wood is easier to shape and join together, you have far more choice in how the carport looks. You will need to consider maintenance costs to take care of the impact the weather will have after years of standing up to the harsh conditions, so be sure to take this into consideration.

One of the biggest advantages you have with a wooden carport, is that its design can be based on the look and feel of your house and designed and painted to fully complement the existing structure and appearance of your property. A wooden carport also provides a natural aesthetic beauty and any repairs are easily fixed.

Custom Outdoor Living, specialise in building timber carports because we think they provide a greater advantage to ones made from steel. The greatest advantage is in the flexibility of the design, which means we can tailor the look and feel of the carport to match your property exactly. As well as this, in our opinion, a timber framed carport is able to provide a more elegant look. We love working with timber and use the best materials to ensure we supply you the best quality shelter.

All in all, the decision to install a carport is certainly a good one. But you will be happier once you consider all the options and narrow things down to what you really need. Just make sure to select a company with years of experience in building high quality carports. The investment will certainly be worth every cent if the task is placed in the hands of a professional and experienced carport designer and builder.

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A Small Home Extension Could Make All The Difference

Love your home but find there’s just not enough space? If you live in the Melbourne area and are looking into a small or large home extension for your house, Custom Outdoor Living is here to help.

As members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and a Registered Building Practitioner, Custom Outdoor Living is a trusted, well-loved business with over 20 years of experience in helping people with all their outdoor living area needs. We build single floor home extensions, pergolas, verandahs, patios and more.

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Home extensions can be great for a number of different reasons.

If the size of your family has grown since you purchased your house, you might need the extra living space. A very common way to achieve this, is to simply build outwards and utilise some unused outdoor space by building a single storey extension off the back of your living room.This has an instant and dramatic effect on opening up your house to the outdoor climate and provides
a functional space to use to relax with the family.

If you are an artist, an extension could serve as a great space for a new studio, especially if you do something messy like clay sculpture or work with a lot of paint. Having a studio would also be a great way to display your art all in one place for anyone who comes to visit.

You could even have an extension built to use as a recreational room, perfect for setting up all your video game systems, board games, and more. Or, if you want to keep it simple, you could add a sunroom, connected through from the kitchen.

Sunrooms are great for family breakfasts or afternoon reading when you want to soak up the sun without going outside (great for winter).

Small or large home extensions can also give your house a more upscale, elegant look, as well as raise the value of your house.

Whatever you decide to do, when you call Custom Outdoor Living, you can be sure that you’re getting the best building service in Melbourne. We can arrange a home visit to help us get a good sense of your property and take into account all of your requirements, while listening to your creative ideas, to produce a design that blends seamlessly with your property, and is something you can be proud of.

Our construction process is as quick and hassle-free as possible, with little to no interference with your daily life, and you can be sure that your extension will be built by an extremely professional and efficient workforce, to provide you a quality build.

We have a passion for what we do and it carries across, into everything we build for our customers.

Custom Outdoor Living have supplied quality designs to many happy Melbourne residents and if you’re thinking of adding a large or small home extension to your house, please do contact us for a free quotation, otherwise give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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