Add a Dash of Magic to Your Home With a High-End Sunroom Or Home Extension

Your day consists of a strict routine. You wake up, get dressed, and quickly drink a cup of coffee before you rush out the door. After a long day, you come home, make dinner, watch some TV, and go to bed. And then you do it all over again.

But how different would it be if you could imagine sipping your morning coffee surrounded by the sounds and scents of nature. Imagine reminiscing about your peaceful morning as you make your way through the day.

Finally, imagine your return home after that long day, and then picture enjoying a late dinner and glass of wine as the sun sets and the stars begin to fill the night sky.

Everyone deserves a little piece of heaven and a home extension such as a sunroom (here are some great examples) will surely provide that.

Todd Warren, Owner of Otter Creek Awnings & Sunrooms in Vermont, writes about the beautiful benefits of sunrooms.

The Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Couple enjoying their new sunroom

Sunrooms are a home improvement value in so many ways. First, you are enhancing your living area by creating a private “get-away” spot right at home, where you will find yourself spending hour after hour relaxing and enjoying the natural light.

In addition, a sunroom increases the square footage of your house. And, who doesn’t need more room? Read full post…

Once you decide that you need a sunroom in your life, the caged design guru in you will be released. The design and furnishing options are endless. A sunroom gives you a wonderful opportunity to create the perfect sanctuary for your soul.

Sherry Nothingam temps us with an infinite array of design options as she shares her love of sunrooms.

50 Bright and Beautiful Sunrooms

Sunrooms come in handy in more ways than just one. They expand the available living space, give your home a more relaxed, breezy appeal and definitely give the interior a cheerful ambiance.

If you are planning to add a sunroom to your home, these awesome spaces will indeed help you in making a more informed and inspired choice. Read full post…

Whether you are looking for a private oasis or an excuse to exercise you creative muscles, you deserve the gift of a sunroom. There are so many reasons to have a sunroom and so many design choices. Spoil your every day and light up your life with a sunroom.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you build your very own home extension.

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