Top Tips For Building Your Own Pergola

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Do you dream of having that outdoor space where you can relax during your free time? A place where you can bring your guests outdoors to enjoy fresh air while you entertain them?

Building a pergola could be the answer. Not only can it add character to your back yard, but can also provide much needed shade from the sun during the summer months. Have a look at some of the stunning pergolas we have built by clicking here.

Here are some useful things to consider before you get started.

What You Need to Know Before Building A Pergola

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Materials to Build a Pergola

Pergolas can be made of either wood, stone, or a combination of the two. Popular pergola structures of today feature wooden materials, as they are much more affordable to construct. Weather-resistant wood will be important, since this type of garden feature will most certainly be exposed to some harsh elements of weather. Western red cedar is a fantastic choice when choosing wood for your project. This type of wood is easy to use, easy to maintain, looks beautiful, is extremely durable, and even gives off a pleasant aroma. You’ll find that today’s most top rated pergola kits will feature western red cedar.

My personal preference is to build a cedar pergola, but you may choose to construct an aluminum pergola, vinyl pergola, or an iron or metal pergola. Again this will be determined by how you want to incorporate the structure into your own garden, focusing on each particular garden and pergola style. Read full article

Fancy going down the DIY route? Building your own pergola can be a fun and interesting project. Here are some tips and hints for building your own beautiful pergola.

Tips On How To Build Your Own Pergola

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Here’s a structure that won’t provide shelter from wind or rain, and is only marginally better when it comes to the midday sun. So, why build it? Because in the absence of walls and a roof, it defines an outdoor space without constraining it. It’s a unique architectural blend that places you both inside and out at the same time. The structure is called a pergola, and it’s just the thing to bring backyard landscaping to life. Pergolas were common features of Italian Renaissance gardens, often covering walkways or serving as grape arbors. Read more

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