How To Save Money On Home Extension

Are you planning to have your home renovated or add an extension maybe? Houses are often expanded because of our growing family. As the family grows, we tend to feel that spaces in the house become smaller leading us to think about building a home extension.

Homeowners are well aware that building a home extension would cost them. That is why most of them save ahead for future projects. One tip that can help you save money or make your money worth it is by hiring professional home builders that could help you plan efficiently. For tips on saving money on building a home extension, go here:

​Clever tricks to save money on your home extension

So, to keep that extension dream of yours alive and kicking, let’s see how you can save some pretty pennies and stay in control of your budget…

  1. KISS

Keep It Simple, Stupid – a rectangular or square footprint with a simple pitched roof will be the cheapest. To save even more costs, avoid any products that have to be made to order; rather opt for materials that are readily available and easy to use (such as concrete for the sub-floor and walls; brick, render or timber cladding; and a softwood timber roof structure).

Try roof lights instead of dormer windows and interlocking concrete tiles for covering the roof.

If at all possible, don’t build near trees or drains and sewers, as complicated groundwork can also affect those costs. Read full article here…

nice pergolaDoing things on your own is not an option if you are inexperienced. DIY are only done by homeowners who know how to use their tools. Other homeowners not only add an extra room as extension for their homes but some add an outdoor area to have someplace to enjoy the outside. You can add a deck, pergola, verandah or a sunroom. Learn more about outdoor living area from this site.

Whatever home extension or outdoor area project you are planning, always remember to hire a reliable custom home builder. Choose expert professionals and a company that has been in the business for a long time. Good luck and hope you achieve your dream home.